Brand Audit & Assessment

Your brand is your business. How prepared is it for the challenges that lie ahead?

In an increasingly overcrowded & ever-noisier market, brand voices need to be stronger.

Brand image is important for any business but in the prestige and luxury world, it's a live or die matter. In a world where luxury codes and values are being adopted by mass-market businesses, how does a brand truly in this space justify itself? What do consumers see in it that gives them value, comfort or security?

It's not just about getting it right from the start, either. It's about building a differentiated brand, and an enduring one. A timeless one, and a relevant one - evolving the brand with the times, the changing landscape of consumers, technology and lifestyles. The best luxury and prestige brands test the future constantly whilst respecting, not wallowing, in the past.

What stage is your brand at? Whether yet to be birthed or centuries old, we can provide experienced consultancy to enrich it for the future:

  • Brand identity & DNA
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand story development
  • Collaborations & sponsorship

The above image is of a barograph from the mid-19th century. Barographs were used to calculate barometric or atmospheric pressure, now replaced by electronic weather instruments. The changes in pressure are recorded visually, enabling the user to assess developments over time.


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