COVID-19 & The Loss of Luxury Travel

  • The global impact of COVID-19 has accelerated dramatically, continuing to threaten our health and the health of our loved ones, and plunging the luxury travel industry into turmoil. But there's more harm caused than that to the globetrotters.

  • A new report and podcast from Barton and ILTM highlights the benefit that luxury travel has on economies and employment all around the world.


The Global Luxury Travel Ecosystem

  • According to a new report released by ILTM and Barton, in collaboration with Wealth-X, the Global Luxury Travel Ecosystem - a complex mixture of food & drink, cultural activities, wellness, sporting events, performance arts and outdoor pursuits that make up the ‘experience economy’ of travel – is worth an estimated $1.54trn a year.

  • Download your copy of the report: Defining the Global Luxury Travel Ecosystem: In-Depth Analysis of the Size and Significance of the Global Experience Economy at

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