Trend Analysis

Keeping an eye on the wider market will give you an edge. How are you keeping watch?

Knowing and keeping a close eye on your competition is one thing, but understanding contextual trends affecting the sectors beyond yours will give you an additional edge.

Comprehensive analysis of relevant trends affecting your target audience means operating with a fuller knowledge base of the power and consequence of your brand, your product and the way you tell your story. 

Many successful luxury businesses are powerful because they have a focused specialism - doing one thing or making one thing, and doing it better than all others. But they are also successful because that one thing they do captures attention and rides the waves of broader trends at play.

Whether you need to track broader consumer trends or focused insight on what successful brands are doing outside your area of expertise, we can provide you with high quality analysis:

  • Luxury sector trends
  • Broader consumer trends
  • Targeted brand strategy tracking
  • Target consumer evolution
  • Tribe tracking

The above image is a microscope from the 1860s, made by Dr. Arthur Chevalier, who having learned the craft of making microscopes with his father, based his shop at the Palais Royal in Paris, and is considered one of the finest microscopists of the 19th century. 

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